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Podcast 2- She Fleeced Him….

We’re back! There’s no UKNFL lockout and podcast 2 is here with more chat, Tiki Barber and puns than you could shake a stick at. We chat Superbowl, draft and CBA in a UKNFL fashion. So download it from here (right click, ‘save target/link as’) right now! Either that or search for UKNFL on iTunes and subscribe you lot!

Apologies for the sound quality and bizarre editing, there’s a lot on the cutting room floor from where our mics played up including a brilliant interview with Sky Sports columnist Alex Ferguson, make sure you check him out on twitter over at @viewfromamerica.


The First UKNFL Podcast!

Yes, the waiting is over, the time has come. Introduce your ears to the first UKNFL podcast.
On the show we discuss championship weekend (with special guest Iain Macintosh), look at NFL in the UK, reflect on the season as a whole in the UKNFL awards and throw out some Superbowl predictions.
So get your ears ON IT.
Download by right clicking and ‘save target as’ on this link here (THE PODCAST LINK), or you can listen to it by clicking through on the link.
Later this week it will be available on iTunes. So listen, enjoy, and tell your friends!

(Massive thanks to Chris at Twofootedtackle for hosting it, and the guys at Midtown Studios in Sutton for their studio)