2011 Draft – Day 1 Thoughts

Well, that was certainly interesting. It would seem past pick number 5, teams we determined to make mock draft authors worldwide look very silly. At least it wasnt just us…

Here are a few thoughts from last night.

The first few picks were as expected; Cam Newton, Von Miller, Marcell Dareus & A.J. Green all going very quickly. I was a little surprised to see the cardinals pass on Gabbert but they clearly decided they wanted the best player in the draft and duly picked Patrick Peterson.

From there on, all hell broke loose. The Falcons traded up to the Browns spot (giving away a second pick this year and 2 picks in 2012) to grab Julio Jones, seeing him paired with Roddy White should be quite a spectacle. The Titans took Jake Locker with the 8th pick. I had to check this again when I woke up this morning cause I still couldn’t believe it. It was particularly amusing that his highlight reel footage was him throwing an interception. All the talk is they really wanted him, but what I dont understand is why they didn’t trade back. Noone expected Locker to go that high, and this is all with Blaine Gabbert still on the board (the 49ers passed on him aswell to take Aldon Smith).

Gabbert was gone soon after though (after Tony Romo got his human shield with Dallas taking Tyron Smith), the Jaguars traded with the Redskins to take him at 10. The mental hour continued with the Vikings making Christian Ponder the 4th QB to be drafted so far this year. As our own Jamie Cutteridge put it, the only good thing about that pick is that it made the Titans taking Locker look relatively sane.

My favorite pick of the first round was the Lions taking Nick Fairley at 13. So he’ll be lining up alongside Ndamukong Suh on the Detroit D-Line this year. I think even Aaron Rogers will be scared about that, so can you imagine how Jay ‘I got sacked 52 times last year’ Cutler is feeling right now?

It was almost as you’d expect from there on. There were some other suprises,  Prince Amukamara fell all the way to the New York Giants at 19, the Saints traded with the Patriots to take Mark Ingram at 28 and Da’Quan Bowers, having been touted as a potential 1st overall pick for a while, is still on the board going into the 2nd round.

For those interested, we hit on 7/32 of our mock draft picks. However, thats including Jones at 6 & Ingram at 28 going to the wrong teams after trades. Still, we got the pick numbers right so I’m taking a gimmie on those!

Crikey, I want the season to start already.

Andy Stuart

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