It all comes down to this….

This is what it’s about. The previous 20 weeks of football, the months of training, the years of hard work comes down to this Sunday night, one game, a ridiculous amount of viewers, a halftime show that no-one wants and only one winner. You’ve read our previews on the site, and this sunday is one of the toughest Superbowls to call for a long old time as two of the most famous franchises in the game, the Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers face off.

Both teams have the ability to rack up a load of points, and both can strangle the opposition to stop them scoring. Both quarterbacks can extend plays with their legs and both have defensive playmakers to turn an entire game on it’s head. You might give the Steelers the edge in the running game, but the Packers sets of recievers and explosivity on defense can balance the scales. The Steelers have experience, the Packers have the joy of youth. The Steelers have  very few friends outside their team and are full of characters that divide opinion, the Packers have a fresh-faced, all- American QB. For two teams to similar, they seem to be the complete opposite of each other.

The UKNFL team is split (as you may have heard on the podcast or picked up from the previews below). David is backing the Steelers, Andy the Packers. I am sitting on the fence. It will be close, very close, and actually, I don’t care. I don’t care about who wins because the Superbowl is all about the winning for those involved, but all about the event for those not. This sunday, I’ll be supporting the game, I’ll be enjoying myself, and shouting at the top of my voice for as many points as possible.

We’ve had an amazing season, in the league and for us at UKNFL so lets hope this season gets the Superbowl it deserves.


Jamie Cutteridge

(Ok, Steelers by 3)


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