Philadelphia Eagles @ Dallas Cowboys – Andy vs David – It’s War.

Throw out the records. Throw out everything that has happened in the season so far. In the early hours of Monday morning, one of the biggest and nastiest rivalries in the NFL steps up for its next installment, as the Philadelphia Eagles travel to the Dallas Cowboys. This match-up sparks off a major rivalry in the towers of AGS(N) as well, as two of our three writers do battle. Each think their team can do the business come one in the morning, and here they discuss why:

David – The Cowboys Fan.

Ah, the Eagles. There is not a single team in the NFL I dislike more. For years, the face of Donovan McNabb has made me want to vomit in my mouth. When he leaves, what do you do to make me dislike your team more? Replace him with Michael Vick. Yeah, yeah, rehabilitation, he’s changed, blah, blah. I personally would love nothing better than to stuff the Eagles, halt the Vick/MVP talk and give Jason Garrett his fourth win in five since taking over from Waddlin’ Wade Phillips on Sunday night. I know we can, and here’s four reasons why.


1) Jason Garrett Has The Team On A High.

Last week the Dallas Cowboys, a team beginning the season 1-7, defeated the Superbowl runners-up Indianapolis Colts in their own backyard in a quite astonishing victory. Only a narrow defeat to the Saints has spoiled Garrett’s record as head coach, and the ‘Boys are riding high on confidence. Coming into their home stadium with a very, very partisan crowd behind them, they will need no inspiration to play their very best football against the Eagles on Sunday night.


2) If They Cowboys Run, Vick Stays Off The Field.

The Cowboys rushing game, amongst other facets of their play, stood in a horrendous state under the Wade Phillips regime. However, in the last four games under Garrett, the Cowboys have run for as many yards as they did in their last eight. Even Tashard Choice, scorned ever since his opening day fumble against the Redskins, picked up 100 yards in 19 carries against the Colts as part of the 219 yards the entire team picked up. If the Cowboys can run, they can keep the Eagles’ biggest threat in Michael Vick, off the field and frustrated. All of this whilst trying to turn the Eagles’ run defence back to their shaky ways of the opening four weeks of the season.


3) No Asante Samuel.

Whilst I should be focusing on the Cowboys’ positives as opposed to the Eagles’ weaknesses, the loss of pick-machine Asante Samuel for Sunday’s game will undoubtably harm the Eagles. John Kitna is far from the most reliable of quarterbacks, and with six interceptions in his last five games, Samuel could have made quite a difference to the Eagles defence come Sunday.


4) Vick v Ware.

Michael Vick has been the shining light in the Eagles offense this season, despite not even being available for all of it. He has broken all sorts of records and will, no doubt, relish coming up against a Cowboys secondary giving up all kinds of yards through the air. However, on Sunday he comes up against DeMarcus Ware, who lives for sacks against the Eagles, with 8.5 so far in his career. Not to suggest that the Cowboys would attempt to bend the rules in roughing up Vick, but considering his slight build and previous injuries, Ware could find terrorising Vick a significant tool in gaining victory over his favourite opponent.

David Dickson.

Andy – The Eagles Fan

Any game with an NFC East rival is vicious. Theres always more than the ‘W’ at stake.

Now, the Redskins & Giants – big games, sure. But playing the Cowboys…well that’s a whole different animal.

There isn’t a team in the NFL that I enjoy watching lose more than Dallas. One of my favourite games of the last few years was Eagles/Cowboys in week 17 of the 2008 season. We won, 44-6. Total domination. Theres nothing quite like a win over your biggest rival, which is why last year for the Eagles was just not fun.

3 games against the Cowboys, 3 losses, the second of which was a 24-0 shut out. If winning agains your rival is fantastic, losing to them is painful. All 3 of those losses stung, tonight it’s time to get some pride back.

The Eagles have been the better team this year. You all saw how the Cowboys started out…After 7 weeks I had 2 easy wins chalked up. Unfortunately, they got rid of Wade Phillips and now it seems they can play football again.

But lets be honest. This isn’t a pro’s and con’s preview. This isn’t about being fair to both teams. The Eagles are going to win this game.

The Cowboys are not the same team as last year. Neither are the Eagles, for that matter. However, the Eagles are a better team, Dallas are worse. The mismatches wont be there for the Eagles this time. Dallas’ pass rush wont shut down Vick’s game. They don’t have the mobility in their secondary to keep Jackson & Maclin quiet. It’s Philadelphia that overmatch the Cowboys this time round.

We simply have too much speed. In the Vick-led offence, “stopping” the Eagles has been keeping them under 30 points. Every team has issues trying to contain McCoy, Jackson & Maclin. Dallas have no chance of shutting us down as they did almost a year ago.

One of the best things about that 44-6 crushing was seeing how we almost made Tony Romo cry. I’m honestly quite upset he’s out for the rest of the year…there isn’t a QB in the league thats more fun to rattle for Philadelphia. Still, it’ll be a win against the Cowboys all the same, and they don’t come much better than that.

Andy Stuart

Side Note- As a Titans fan, I don’t see what the fuss is about, sure the Eagles are a playoff team, but the Cowboys are a bit average without Romo, just a regulation game with some pumped up fans right? Jamie

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