Weekend Predictions (21/11)

Yes, we’re back for a second week of predictions here at UKNFL. Our crystal balls were clearly off last week, and we all had quite abysmal predictions. Andy takes the early honour of being in the lead (and having his photo at the top of the page) with 6 correct predictions. Jamie is close behind on 5 whilst David lags behind on a frankly embarrassing 3. Here are this weeks predictions-

Ravens @ Panthers

David- Ravens

Jamie- Ravens

Andy- Ravens

Bills @Bengals

David- Bills

Jamie- Bengals

Andy- Bengals

Lions @ Cowboys

David- Cowboys

Jamie- Cowboys

Andy- Cowboys

Browns @ Jaguars

David- Browns

Jamie- Browns

Andy- Browns

Cardinals @ Chiefs

David- Chiefs

Jamie- Chiefs

Andy- Chiefs

Packers @ Vikings

David- Packers

Jamie- Packers

Andy- Packers

Texans @ Jets

David- Jets

Jamie- Texans

Andy- Jets

Raiders @ Steelers-

David- Steelers

Jamie- Raiders (I know, I know…..)

Andy- Steelers

Redskins @ Titans

David- Titans

Jamie- Titans (More in hope than optimism)

Andy- Titans

Seahawks @ Saints

David- Saints

Jamie- Saints

Andy- Saints

Buccs @ 49ers-

David- 49ers

Jamie- 49ers

Andy- Buccs

Falcons @ Rams

David- Falcons

Jamie- Rams

Andy- Falcons

Colts @ Patriots

David- Patriots

Jamie- Patriots

Andy- Colts

Giants @ Eagles

David- Eagles

Jamie- Eagles

Andy- Eagles

Broncos @ Chargers

David- Chargers

Jamie- Chargers

Andy- Chargers

So there you have it, if I were you, I would take this advice and go and bet ALL THE MONEY YOU HAVE on these results.

(N.B. This is an attempt at irony, UKNFL does not promote excessive gambling, especially off the back of our predictions.

The UK NFL Team

    • Thor
    • November 22nd, 2010

    Good call on Bucs and Bills. I’m 11/15 so far this week. Got it right with Bears, Cowboys, Chiefs, Packers, Jets (CLUTCH!), Steelers, Ravens, Falcons, Saints, Patriots and Eagles.

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