The Weekend Preview

So here we go. Full weekends preview for the first time on UKNFL!

Detroit Lions @ Buffalo Bills

On the face of it this is not a hugely exciting game, but the Lions are quite a fun team to watch. Unfortunately for them, Matt Stafford, their promising young Quarterback, could be out for the rest of the year. Shaun Hill is capable of winning games though, and Detroit’s defence has improved vastly with the addition of Ndamukong Suh at Defensive Tackle. The Bills seem to be languishing as the NFL’s sole winless team this year. Ryan Fitzpatrick has improved their offence, but look for a young & hard working Lions team add a third win.

Who To Watch?

Calvin Johnson – Lions WR – One of the best recievers in the league, Johnson can put up huge numbers whoever he’s catching for. While Darrelle Revis kept him very quiet last week, the Bills have noone as talented as the Jets Cornerback in their secondary, and Calvin could run wild.


Lions 31 – 17 Bills


Minnesota Vikings @ Chicago Bears

Go check out David’s full game preview!


New York Jets @ Cleveland Browns

The Browns have impressed me this year, particularly in the last few weeks for obvious reasons. Playing at the level of (and beating, let us not forget) two Superbowl contenders in the Saints & Patriots is remarkably impressive for a team with few big names. Colt McCoy is looking solid, if a little quiet, and Peyton Hillis has come from nowhere to make a name for himself as one of the most impressive young RB’s in the league. However, against the Jets he faces one of the best run defences in the league. If Cleveland are going to deliver a blow to the chances of yet another potential championship team, they’ll have to do it in the air, and that could be a big ask.

Who To Watch

Mark Sanchez – New York Jets QB – The league is full of good young Quarterbacks right now, and Sanchez is definitely on the list. In his second year, he is looking very strong in the run first Jets. He isn’t going to throw 40 times a game, but he’s becoming very accurate on the short to middle throws. Look for him to play well tonight.


Jets 28 – 10 Browns


Cincinnati Bengals @ Indianapolis Colts

The Bengals have lost 5 straight, and are desperately looking for something to smile about. I don’t think they’ll find it coming to Indianapolis where the Colts, still hurting from a tough loss to the Eagles last week, will be looking to bounce back. The Colts are having some major injury worries, however. Reggie Wayne is the only starting receiver left for them, with Austin Collie, Dallas Clark & Anthony Gonzalez all out. Peyton Manning can work with anyone though, so expect to see him pick apart a struggling Bengals secondary. Cincinnati have some firepower on offence too, this could be a high scoring game.

Who To Watch

Jacob Tamme – Indianapolis Colts TE – When Dallas Clark, one of Manning’s favourite targets, was placed on IR for the season Tamme became the starter, and impressed last week in Philadelphia with 108 yards and a TD. He should once again be a safety net for Peyton.


Bengals 20 – 38 Colts


Houston Texans @ Jacksonville Jaguars

In the scheme of things, this could come down to bragging rights in the AFC South. Both teams have looked impressive at times (in particular the Texans week 1 win over the Colts) but they are 2 quite average teams. In a division with the Colts & Titans, it’s going to be very tough for either of these 2 to make the playoffs but a win here, whichever way it goes, will boost those hopes. Kampman is out for the Jaguars (torn ACL) and that will severely affect their pass rush. We could see Matt Schaub (Texans QB) have a huge game if he has time in the pocket…especially if Andre Johnson starts.

Who To Watch

Andre Johnson – Houston Texans WR – And it is an ‘if’. But if he does play, a healthy Andre Johnson is arguably the best receiver in the NFL. Very quick, great hands and a typically strong frame will create huge problem for Jacksonville’s Cornerbacks.


Texans 28 – 17 Jaguars


Tennessee Titans @ Miami Dolphins

If you want to catch some explosive football this could be the best place to find it this weekend. Having acquired Randy Moss before their bye, the Titans now have (for the first time in a while) a genuine top class WR. No one will gain more from that than Chris Johnson. Previously, teams have stacked defenders in the box with the intention of keeping him quiet and even thats not worked all the time. With Moss stretching the field, teams will have to respect the pass game, and all that can do is create space for Johnson. The Dolphins are without starting QB Chad Henne and will rally behind the quiet but efficient Chad Pennington.

Who To Watch

Chris Johnson – Tennessee Titans RB – See above!


Titans 31 – 13 Dolphins


Carolina Panthers @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Carolina are with out their, 1st, 2nd & 3rd string running backs this week. Add that to a rookie QB in Jimmy Clausen & only one significant downfield threat with Steve Smith, the Panthers are in for a long night in Tampa Bay. The Buccaneers, on the other hand, are a team heading in the opposite direction. Josh Freeman is starting to look like the real thing and is leading another underdog team to more wins than expected this year. With the Falcons and Saints also in the competitive NFC South, Tampa Bay may have to settle for simply putting them under some pressure in the playoff race, but they’ll certainly not shy away from breaking Carolina’s already tattered spirit tonight.

Who To Watch

Mike Williams – Tampa Bay Buccaneers WR – A promising young rookie who fell in the draft due to off field issues. He leads all rookies with 5 receiving TD’s. Expect him to add to that tonight.


Panthers 6 – 24 Buccaneers


Kansas City Chiefs @ Denver Broncos

The AFC West is pretty topsy turvy. Last year, the Chiefs and Raiders were awful (as were the Broncos in the last 8 games) while San Diego ran away with it. This year, KC and Oakland both have 5 wins at the top of the division. If the chiefs can get a road win in Denver, they will be in the top spot for the run in to the playoffs. Denver are 2-6 and have struggled this year, but this game could go either way.

Who To Watch

Brandon Lloyd – Denver Broncos WR – 2nd in receiving yards with 878, he’s a big presence and a scary down field threat. He will particularly test the range and awareness of the Chiefs first round pick in this years draft, Safety Eric Berry.


Chiefs 17 – 14 Broncos


Seattle Seahawks @ Arizona Cardinals

This could be a tough game in the NFL’s worst division, the NFC West. Both teams have their issues. While the Seahawks have looked strong at times, they got blown out by the Giants last week. The Cardinals had a monstrously impressive with over the Saints in week 5 but haven’t won since. The odd thing is that with a couple of division wins for either of these teams, they could be heading to the playoffs.

Who To Watch

Larry Fitzgerald – Arizona Cardinals WR – Fitz’s production has dropped this year, not having Kurt Warner under center has hit him hard, but he’s still one of the most dynamic threats in the league. If Max Hall is feeling it tonight you might see some vintage Larry.


Seahawks 21 – 13 Cardinals


Dallas Cowboys @ New York Giants

Any other year this would be considered a huge matchup in the (traditionally) vicious NFC East. This year the Cowboys have languished and are sitting at 1-6. For a team with such doubtless talent that must sting. The Giants, on the other hand, are up for consideration as the best in the NFC. Dallas has a new head coach, and while they may well improve with a bit of a change in atmosphere, I cannot see them beating the Giants tonight.

Who To Watch

Hakeem Nicks – New York Giants WR – Eli Manning’s favourite target this year, Nicks has 9 touchdowns. He could definitely add to that agains Dallas.


Cowboys 14 – 35 Giants

St Louis Rams @ San Francisco 49ers

Another NFC west matchup, and I think this is a big game. The Rams are looking very assured at times, particularly at home. Sam Bradford will be the favourite for Rookie of the Year, and it would be a well deserved honour. If St Louis can start winning away from home (tonight would be a good time to start that) then we could see them in the playoffs, which would be remarkable. The 49ers, despite being 2-6, still have a semi-realistic chance to make the playoffs too. A few division wins and the picture changes dramatically, making this a vital game for San Fran. They have the talent, but they could have left it too late?

One To Watch

Frank Gore – San Francisco 49ers RB – With Alex Smith (QB) sitting out again this week, the 49ers will once again rely on their strong rushing attack. Gore could hit some big numbers against a young Rams defence.


Rams 21 – 24 49ers

New England Patriots @ Pittsburgh Steelers

See Jamies full game review here:

Philadelphia Eagles @ Washington Redskins

The Eagles will be out for revenge against a Redskins side that beat them in a hard fought week 4 game. Washington are a troubled side now, however, with McNabb being benched against the Lions 2 weeks ago being one of several issues for them. While Philadelphia looked very strong against the Colts last sunday, don’t expect this game to be easy for them. The Redskins have a strong defence, and as anyone who followed the Eagles prior to this year will tell you; Don’t write off Donovan McNabb.

One To Watch

Trent Cole – Philadelphia Eagles DE – One of the most underrated pass rushers in the NFL. Cole has 7 sacks this year, and is the heartbeat of the Eagles aggressive defence. He could have a big game against Washington’s rookie Left Tackle, Trent Williams.


Eagles 24 – 13 Redskins


Andy Stuart

    • Thor
    • November 14th, 2010

    Jets fan here. I think the Browns game will be much closer than 28-10. The way they destroyed Patriots… Very impressive. Hillis is a beast but how long can he keep up that many carries? I’m very much looking forward to seeing how the Jets D will cope with him. I was impressed with the Browns trick plays last week: one on 4th down in the first half when they changed the formation completely seconds before the snap and did a quarterback sneak, and then obviously the hilarious TD when the whole Browns O line stood up. Seeing Pats all confused like that made my day 🙂

    I don’t expect Sanchez to shine. He and the whole offense has been below average three straight games now (although I thoroughly enjoyed the comeback in Detroit). The blocking for Greene and LT has to improve. Sanchez should keep going to Keller/Holmes/Edwards while avoiding Cotchery. Hopefully we can contain Hillis, hit McCoy early and hard and shake him up and grind out a victory. This won’t be pretty. Jets 20 – Browns 17.

  1. You should gamble more! Great call on that prediction.

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